Innovate Again.

The POV Method is a system for creating collective intelligence and shared purpose in your company.

Casey Graham
CEO, The Rocket Company, Infusionsoft Ultimate Markerter, 2013

"As our company grew, we got to a place where we plateaued out. Things got clunky and we couldn't move them forward. The POV Method was the oil to the engine. It sped up everything, created momentum in our company, and then we had the best quarter in this history of our company. That's real, that's what happened. The POV Method absolutely matters for Infusionsoft users and their campaigns. The fact that it can be delegated by the CEO to another team member is also incredible."

Clate Mask
CEO, Infusionsoft

"The POV Method is awesome at getting everyone on the same page and speaking a common language. As an example, I had struggled for a long time as a pragmatist CEO to engage effectively with our product teams and contribute what I felt I could contribute. The POV Method demystified this whole process and made it easy for the product teams and me to get aligned. I've loved it, and I've loved seeing the empathy it generates on our teams for our customers."

Joe Polish
Founder, Genius Network Mastermind (a.k.a., Co-Founder, I Love Marketing podcast

"The POV Method uncovers the real reasons why people do business with you, and they're not always what you think. It has absolutely shifted what we say, how we say it, and who we say it to at Genius Network, and that, as marketers, is what we're looking for. We use The POV Method to keep us aligned with the things our members truly value. I recommend it to any company serious about hyper-growth."

Dan Benamoz
CEO, Pharmacy Development Group

"Before The POV Method, greater than 90 percent of our customers were signing up for our lowest cost program. Now, after The POV Method, more than 70 percent are signing up for the mid-level or higher cost programs we have to offer, certainly increasing our net profit."

Greg Lake
CEO, The Lake Companies

"As a software company, we have grown rapidly over the past few years, and this gave us a diversity of courses on which we could move forward. This created a lack of clarity and focus, which put our speed and our agility--cornerstones of our company--at risk. The POV Method created shared purpose on our entire team, and, even more exciting, it aligned us precisely with the needs of our customers. We wasted no time in sharing the process and results with everyone in our company."

Kelley Babcock
COO, Pharmacy Development Services

"One word: WOW! The POV Method is the most effective means to business clarity we've experienced in 15 years. It has liberated us from the common confusion associated with 'being all things to all people.' We've emerged from our work with The POV Method with a profound shared purpose, clear direction, and are poised to take our service to the next level. Remarkable."

The White Papers, Case Studies, Podcasts, and More

The Case Studies

Read the stories of several small businesses that have successfully used The POV Method to bust out of a growth slump and achieve hyper-growth.

The I Love Marketing Podcast

Listen to Richard's discussion with marketing luminaries Dean Jackson and Joe Polish. He describes how The POV Method evolved from his experiences with homelessness, bankruptcy, and then dramatic turnarounds that involved creating 6 companies and studying more than 4200 small companies as a senior leader at Intuit and senior executive at Infusionsoft.